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TR3S project event: Innovation Morning Coffee & Tea / Stuttgart, Germany

11. 04. 2013 9:00 am - 3:00 pm / GENO-Haus

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TR3S project event: Regional Innovation Morning Coffee & Tea – Stuttgart, Germany

Time: 11.04.2013, from 9 am to 5 pm

Venue: GENO-Haus, Stuttgart

Organiser: Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation (WRS)

Experts involved: Tobias Koch, Prognos AG

Number of participants: 44 participants in all representing different stakeholders from the Stuttgart Region: companies, universities and research institutes, municipalities, regional networks and competence centers, chambers and associations, politicians.

Objective of the event: To identify new tendencies in innovation, strategic priorities and concrete projects – also with regard to the next ERDF funding period – relevant for future economic development in the Stuttgart Region.

Description of the event:

After a welcome by the President of Verband Region Stuttgart, Thomas S. Bopp, and Dr. Walter Rogg, the managing director of the WRS, the strategical part of the event started with an overview of the previous strategy development processes of the Stuttgart Region. To provide a basis for the following discussions, Tobias Koch by the Prognos AG presented the results of the SWOT analysis for the Stuttgart Region relating to several aspects of innovation. The main part of the event consisted of five working groups (following the World Cafe methodology) involving the regional stakeholders. Within those working groups all participants discussed new developments in the field of innovation, having in mind the main topics mentioned above. The results serve as important input for designing the new innovation strategy for the Stuttgart Region.


The discussions in the working groups were very productive and revealed several topics for future activities and initiatives. All results will now be structured and further developed to main strategic goals for the Stuttgart Region as a business and science location. This concept will also contain first ideas of concrete projects. Those documents shall be adopted by the regional assembly in autumn 2013.

More information: Stephanie Fleischmann (stephanie.fleischmann(at)

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